PROTRAN 97 LIMITED applies the science of construction to all of our contracts previously and currently held, and has been successful in their execution thus far. Our team of experts are experienced in their respective specialties and consequently, for the most part, we run a seamless operation.

The construction programme sequence is developed only after a series of consultations with the various stakeholders and superimposed on a work program chart. Thereafter, the construction manager will quantify the requirements in terms of sub-contractors’ input and materials. Approved sub-contractors will be procured. Other plant, equipment, and materials are also given high priority as they affect the implementation of the project as it progresses. At all times, the clients’ interests will be given utmost priority in terms of design, cost and locus stand as it relates to construction specifications.

The following are some of the methods used/applied:

  • A Gantt chart outlining schedule of works to be executed
  • The use of appropriate machinery and equipment
  • The application of the company’s safety management system
  • The procurement of specialists to carryout specialty jobs e.g. waterproofing, scaffold rigging, etc.
  • The procurement of subcontractors
  • Acquire loan and/or overdraft facilities where necessary
  • Strict adherence and implementation of FIDIC guidelines onsite
  • Quality assurance methods applied
  • Materials testing and certification
  • Off-­‐site fabrication
  • Labour requirements

To achieve our objectives, we have developed an application of the stated methods that have proved to work in terms of meeting our deliverables and established timelines.


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